Co-op program COVID-19 Update

Our highest priority is the health and safety of our MVPNS community, including our children, teachers, and parents. For the 2020-2021 school year, we are now offering small, in person classes for children ages 3-5 and are following all protocols set by the Santa Clara County Health Department as well as Licensing. We are also continuing to offer our MVPNS Connect program for families who prefer virtual preschool. Please see our flyer below for more details about MVPNS Connect.

At MVPNS, our ultimate intention is to do whatever we can to initiate supportive relationships with our children and families until we can all safely be together. We are NOT intending for remote learning to replace in-person learning. The primary priority for our teachers is to provide opportunities for social and emotional learning. Of course, we provide opportunities for learning in ALL the developmental areas (cognitive/language/motor), but social and emotional learning are key.

A maxim that the teachers keep reminding themselves, to honor our philosophy and mission as a parent cooperative school, is that “We need to plan so that parents can be with their children in meaningful ways, to be intentional.”

MVPNS Connect Tuition Rates:

2/Young 3s Co-op Class $275 monthly
3/Young 4s Co-op Class $295 monthly
4/Young 5s Co-op Class $380 monthly

MVPNS In Person Tuition Rates:

3/4s In Person $325 monthly
4/5s In Person $420 monthly

To apply, or if you have further questions, please contact our membership team at note the minimum required notice for dropping once enrolled is 30 days’ written notification to our membership team.

Allowing children to share their thoughts with our teachers and providing 
opportunities to explore topics from home through play.